PETRA SKARJA EL CAMINO BOOKRead some chapters from the book CAMINO - From slavery to freedom, Petra Škarja

Camino is a piece of nature with which you become one.
Camino is the time you dedicate to finding yourself.
Camino is the people you meet - each and every one of them giving a part of themselves to you.
Camino is authenticity; the purity of nature, the essence of life, the sincerity of relationships.
Camino is a decision to make a change, but most of all it is something indescribable.
Something beyond words that can only be experienced first-hand.

Let us make sure that in life we do not regret the words we did not say, the hugs we did not give, the feelings we did not express and the dreams we did not dare to dream.

One hug a day from a partner can keep a relationship going, one kiss a day can keep love going, one compliment a day can deepen a friendship, one exercise a day can keep you healthy, one nice thought a day to a fellow human being can change society, one kind gesture a day can change the world.

It's not so much the destination and the walking itself that matters as what happens along the way. Give a drink to the thirsty, help the tired, be good, spread the good. This is the true Camino. If we walk this path, the path of help, the path of truth, the path of self-discovery, and are thus freed from the shackles of the manipulation of others, we will find our truth, our sun. Happiness, joy, peace. And love.

What will life be to you if it is dictated? It's easy to follow, but it's also boring. To follow is safe, but without passion. To follow is expected, but you leave no new traces behind.

Do not envy another's life, because some battles, even the greatest ones, are sometimes invisible to the eye, hidden behind a shield, a helmet and a mask of smiles.

POOR is he who can boast only of the number of his friends. For he has not yet felt the true depth of a relationship that is not conditional on the number of connections …

MISERABLE is he who presents himself with the material. For he is always in fear of losing it, and every moment he carries this possibility in the echo of his praise. The true value man carries within himself, that which is not charred by fire, not blown away by the wind, not damaged by an earthquake, not taken away by society. That which is always with him wherever he goes.

A PRISONER is who takes possession of his partner, his children and his belongings. It is only when you are not afraid of losing everything that you feel freedom and build relationships on a foundation of purity and honesty.

FRIGHTENED is who hides behind titles and plaques. Because when you are ready to stand proudly in front of a crowd, without it, naked and barefoot, that is when you realise your skills and abilities.

LIAR is who knows only happiness, praise, success. A liar to himself. For the world is yin-yang, as we are human beings, as are our paths of ups and downs, of beauty and hardship, of growth and dying.

IGNORANT is who lives only with his fingers, eyes, nose, ears and mind. For the true depths begin in the heart and beyond what is known to all …

CONFUSED is who only follows the crowds. For the true path can only be found in silence, in solitude, in the whisper of the heart and the wisdom of intuition.

EMPTY is who stands only on the safe little boat of the still lake. For the experience of the wild rapids, the rough sea, the storms of the ocean, the power of the waterfalls, gives you strength and an infinite energy of life that fills you. They fill your passions, they fill your experiences and they give life to life, even through dangers, fears, shaking hands and weak knees.

The most LOST is the one who knows that he knows everything. Who knows that he is successful. Who knows he is famous. Who knows he is beautiful. Who knows he is more than the rest.

Life is sometimes unpredictable, sometimes it surprises us, sometimes it disappoints us, sometimes it puts burdens on us, sometimes it offers us a shoulder, sometimes it gives us a gift, sometimes a trial ... But it is never boring. Life is beautiful. But this beauty also includes winter, cold, night, darkness …

I cannot say that the Camino changed my life. I could only say that if I wanted to achieve the drama that poets like to exaggerate when they want to emphasize a point. In truth, all I can say is that the Camino is certainly an important part of the jigsaw of my personality and who I am today. And it sparked a breakthrough. A very important breakthrough, the importance of which I only started to realize later. It gave me a piece of the jigsaw that completes my personality and, even more than that, a piece that connects all the other pieces.

I went on the Camino to get rid of the greatest burden of my life, but instead (or in the context of what I did not yet know) I reopened an old wound from early childhood. I got more questions than answers. How do I get out of these shackles if classic advice does not work? Who do I turn to and how? How do I open these wounds?

And above all – Did my mother really know about this? If she did – why didn’t she protect me, a little red-cheeked curly-haired girl?

All this and more remained unresolved. All this and more I had to find at home.

First you walk the Camino, then the Camino walks you, I was told.

But I still walk and walk and walk.

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