The American Millionaires Have Spoken

Priceless knowledge, directly from the successful millionaires!

  • Author: Petra Škarja
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 130 pages
  • Product Dimensions: 15,5 x 21,5 cm
  • Price: 9,90 dollars

Look inside: The American Millionaires Have Spoken – inside of the book

  • Amazon Best Seller (Kindle edition)

  • # 1 New Releases in Business Motivation & Self-improvement on Amazon

  • # 1 New Releases in General Western US Travel Guides

  • Slovenian Best Seller (paper edition)

  • Copyrights sold to China

  • Chosen as one of 8 business books that will totally change your mindset (

The book was chosen as one of 8 business books that will totally change your mindset: – 8 business books

The book became a best seller in Slovenia in less than a month. After few months copyrights were sold to CHINA. Now the book is translated in English, Croatian, Russian and Chinese language.

“It’s great, wonderfully written, great flow, exciting, inspiring and magnificently motivating. It should be required reading for every young person and everybody else as well.” Hypnotherapist Tom Ryan, Ireland

“Petra Škarja is a natural phenomenon. Natural in a way that she is open and full of positive energy. Phenomenon in a way that Slovenia does not have many such extraordinary persons who have talents, ideas and, above all, knowledge to give it to entrepreneurs. Moving entrepreneurs from the point of „just working“ to the point „ I am flying“ is a skill needed in daily struggle not just to survive the market but to lead.“

Prof. Saša Petar, Ph.D., Croatia

 “OMG the book “The Americans Millionaires Have Spoken” is really a good work. When I was reading it, I saw few points of view very alike. This is a friendly book to learn, how do you do to be even a better person. This book is a spark of hope for every country – when you really want and believe in the growth of our countries. 

We have all the strengths to do whatever we want to do in this world, there are no limits what so ever – just find a good idea and believe in it. It’s a good thing that every one of us has the unique way. If you want to do something with all the power of you mind, just: never give up! Just do it ?

I believe in you … just you and your dog against the world… ?

 Gabriel Jose Rodriguez Rodulfo, Venezuela, blog:

I’m sure that the book can and WILL change your life. Why do I know that?

Read THE MOST HONEST AND EMOTIONAL ARTICLE >> and you will know why I can be so sure about it … 

Every person, every country, every environment and every nation can teach you plenty of things, but only if you are prepared to learn.

What can Americans teach us? Definitely how to be more entrepreneur-like!
Find out how they think, what they advise us Europeans, what they think our advantages and disadvantages are, learn how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates acted and much more.

The book will change the way you think about entrepreneurship. It will help you become more entrepreneur-like in your everyday life and take you even higher!

Who is Petra Škarja?

Petra Škarja is a young entrepreneur with inspirational life story, where motto JUST DO IT takes an important part. She is an author of five bestsellers in Slovenia and an organizer of the biggest event for women entrepreneur in Slovenia.
She says she is just a girl who decided to make her own way in this life, who loves nature, especially mountains, and a girl who is obsessed with traveling and discovering everything that is unique and new for her.

The book The American Millionaires have Spoken became a bestseller in Slovenia in just a month.

How come? Because of the inspiring touching life story of an author, Petra Škarja. When she was 25, her life felt apart. Yes, she could feel sorry for herself as many people would do at that stage, but not her. She stood up and the next day started to make her new life. She wrote that book. In just a few months the book was translated in China, English, Russia and Croatia. And that is just a beginning …?

June 2018: The book became an Amazon BESTSELLER#1 New Releases in Business Motivation & Self-improvement and #1 New Releases in General Western US Travel Guides.