Everyone fights their own battles in life. Everyone has small battles for practice, and bigger ones to test their mettle. And everyone has at least one battle, the one that would bring them fame were they warriors, the one they would be remembered for. The one that makes them the strongest, that shapes them the most, teaches them the most and at the same time tires them the most.

Don’t judge people who are fighting their own battles. Don’t laugh at them, don’t be a know-it-all when it comes to their decisions and don’t try to take over their command. And do not envy the life of another, because some battles, even the big ones, can be invisible to the eyes, hidden behind a shield, helmet and a mask of a smile.

What we can do for the good of ourselves and humanity is honor the path of every individual; battles, victories, defeats, plaques of success and scars included. Simply let others fight their own battles. All we can do is offer a glass of water to strengthen them when they need it.

From the book CAMINO - from slawery to freedom