PITIFUL is he who boasts about how many friends he has, for he is yet to experience the depth of a relationship not conditioned by a number of connections.

JOYLESS is he who displays himself by means of materialism, for he fears eternally to lose everything carrying such possibility living in his own selfish echo chamber. A good person carries true value on the inside; it is a value which fire cannot turn to ashes, wind cannot blow away, an earthquake cannot shake and society cannot take. Those are possessions traveling with a good person wherever the path may lead.

A CONVICT is he who declares ownership over his partner, his children, or material things. The moment a person doesn't  fear to lose everything, the feeling of true freedom occurs and relationships start to build on the basis of purity and sincerity.

TERRIFIED is he who hides behind degrees and accolades. The moment a person is ready to stand in front of the crowd without those, naked and barefoot, the true knowledge of skills and abilities occurs.

A LIAR is he who only happiness, glory and successes are self-proclaimed. He lies to himself for the world is always yin and yang, such as we people are, such as our ups and downs are, graces and concerns, growth and demises are.

IGNORANT is he who lives by the means of his fingers, eyes, ears, nose and mind only. The true depths are to be revealed inside the heart and beyond well-known facts ...

PERPLEXED is he who follows the masses for the true path can only be discovered in quietness and solitude, quiet whispers of the heart and pearls of wisdom of intuition. 

HOLLOW is he who sails on a safe boat on the calm lake only. It is the experiences of wild rapids, turbulent waters, ocean storms and waterfall powers bringing the necessary power and infinity of the life-energy to make one fulfilled. These are filling person's passions and experiences, providing life to life, even if through danger, fears, shaking hands and knees knelt.

LOST is he who believes he knows everything, he who knows he is successful, famous and beautiful, he who is confident about his worth greater than others.

From the book CAMINO - from slawery to freedom.